We are focusing on creating customer value within environmental sustainability

Asia Paper is leading the Korean paper industry with unparalleled technology and products

Our advanced, up to date world-class facilities enable us to provide high quality products,
responding to a variety of customer demands.
We have strengthened our position as the industry leader through expansion of our linerboard sector,
giving us the top production capacity in the country, and through our production of corrugated material and boxes,
gypsum linerboard and kraft paper.

Asia Paper has grown into a comprehensive paper maker encompassing business in linerboard and corrugated board

We place our highest priority on respect for people, customer trust, and contributing to society and protection of the environment.
Based on the dedication and creativity of our workforce, we are creating new values for the paper industry towards mutual growth and development.
With our experience, technology and know-how, Asia Paper is advancing as the best company in the industry as we enhance value for our customers
and create a beautiful world. Everyone at Asia Paper and its subsidiaries is committed to being your trusted partner as
we meet your needs through organic partnership.

Strength of ASIA PAPER

Establishment of linerboard and corrugated board subsidiaries for stable product supply

• With linerboard manufacturing by Asia Paper and Kyungsan Paper as a central axis, acquisition of Cheil Industry, Yujin Fiber Board, A-Pack and AP recycling has allowed us to integrate our production systems and expand into corrugated board manufacturing.

• We strive to maintain our advantage in terms of scale and quality through the establishment of advanced facilities and practical knowledge of factory operations.

• Our superior technology and expertise, as well as the most skilled workforce in the paper making industry have allowed us to secure a unique market position in KLB, white top liner, and gypsum linerboard.

Creating customer value beyond customer satisfaction

• Through our best-in-the-industry production capacity and product competitiveness, we are producing high-quality, high value-added products such as KLB, gypsum linerboard, and kraft paper.

• Ensuring price competitiveness with automatic equipment and an integrated production system allows us to focus quality, and provide the solutions customers need.

• Quality management across the board: from purchase of raw materials to manufacturing to inspection to logistics and delivery.

Healthy financial structure and growth-based business advantage

• We are financially sound and have a low debt ratio.

• The strength of our trust from customers means we continue attracting attention as a market leader.

• Despite ever-changing market conditions, the dedication and efforts of our employees ensure our recognition as a superior company.